‘The idea of a war between two cultures is a futile one. Instead we all need to sit down together and exchange our visions’ (Mary Midgley, Science and Poetry, London and New York: Routledge, 2001, p. 57)

This is the website for the University of London Interdisciplinary Discussion Group which was set up by Susie Christensen (who recently completed her PhD in English Literature at King’s College London) and Helen Barron (a Neuroscience PhD student at University College London). The discussion group is now run by Susie.

We meet a few times per year to discuss a specific topic which we approach from a range of disciplinary perspectives. We aim to examine what the topic means for those working across the humanities, sciences, arts and medicine.

We welcome students, academics,clinicians, professionals and others from all backgrounds. The main thing is that everyone is welcome!

Information about past meetings as well as future meetings and events will be published here.

For further information or to be added to our mailing list please email susie.christensen@kcl.ac.uk

The banner on our home page shows the audience at the ‘Order / Disorder’ event held in the Dana Centre cafe, April 2014.


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