Vision and Images Discussion Footage

On 22nd January 2013 we held an event at the Science Museum’s Dana Centre on the topic of ‘Vision and Images’. Our speakers were Helen Barron, Matteo Farinella, Ludmilla Jordanova, Toby Ward and Lucy Wilford. You can read more about each of them here. Each speaker responded to the question ‘what are the methods of looking employed in your production and/or interpretation of images?’ and used it to speak about their own practice.

The event was filmed and you can find the link to the video of the event here. Alternatively, you can watch them in the order in which they spoke by watching the videos below in sequence. Some images have had to be removed for copyright/confidentiality reasons.

Many thanks to Paul Craddock for filming and to the Centre for the Humanities and Health, King’s College London and to the Wellcome Trust for supporting this event.

Lucy Wilford

Helen Barron

Toby Ward

Matteo Farinella

Ludmilla Jordanova


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Susie Christensen recently completed a PhD about modernist literature and neurology at King's College London.
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