Vision and Images: 22nd January 2013

London Interdisciplinary Discussion Group – NEXT MEETING!

Vision and Images

6-8pm, 22nd January 2013

The Science Museum’s Dana Centre
165 Queen’s Gate
South Kensington

Please email to book for this talk. And see the Dana Centre web page for this event more information about the venue. The event will be followed by a wine reception.

At this meeting our speakers Helen Barron, Matteo Farinella, Ludmilla Jordanova, Toby Ward and Lucy Wilford will discuss vision and images from the perspectives of history, medicine (psychiatry), art and neuroscience. Each speaker will address the question ‘what are the methods of looking employed in your production and/or interpretation of images?’ Using examples, they will each explore how they work with or produce images in their own practice.

As usual, the speakers will present for about an hour in total (each for around 10-15 mins), and there will then be an hour for questions and general discussion between all in attendance.

This event is free and all are welcome! We are very happy to be able to hold this event at the Science Museum’s Dana Centre. Please email to book.

The Speakers:

Helen Barron

Helen Barron is currently doing a PhD in Neuroscience at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging, UCL. Her research explores the neural representation of both rewarding and non-rewarding objects in the human brain.  In particular, she is interested in understanding how we represent unfamiliar objects and the neurobiological mechanisms underlying memory formation between multiple objects.  She uses functional MRI (fMRI) to generate both anatomical and functional images of the human brain whilst participants carry out specific tasks.  She will discuss how interpretation of these images allows for inferences to be made regarding the neurological basis of object representation.

Matteo Farinella

Matteo is currently doing a PhD in neuroscience at University College London. During the years he also developed a parallel career as a comic artist and collaborated with several international magazines. Recently he became interested in science communication and he started to produce scientific illustrations and short educational comics. In 2012 he received a Wellcome Trust People Award to write a graphic novel aimed to disseminate basic notions of neuroscience (in collaboration with Dr. Hana Ros and film-maker Richard Wyllie).

Ludmilla Jordanova

Ludmilla Jordanova was trained in the natural sciences, history and philosophy of science and art history and theory, and she tries to blend these perspectives in her historical work. Her current interests include portraiture, public history, and the construction of identity in medical contexts. She is a Trustee of the Science Museum Group, which comprises five museums in London, York, Bradford, Manchester and Shildon, and was a Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery London between 2001 and 2009. Recent books include History in Practice, 2nd edition, 2006 and The Look of the Past: visual and material evidence in historical practice, 2012.

Toby Ward

Toby Ward attended the City and Guilds of London Art School where he won the Richard Ford Travel Award.  Widely known for his conversation pieces and animated drawings commissioned to record events, he is also an accomplished portrait painter. He has drawn many events, including President Clinton’s visit to Oxford in 2001 and the work of the United Nations Peace Keeping Force in Bosnia.  He also accompanied HRH The Prince of Wales to record his tour of the Gulf States. Toby has also worked on many important architectural projects including a series of drawings recording the rebuilding of the Royal Opera House and the conservation of Chastleton House in Oxfordshire for The National Trust.  He has also been commissioned to draw and paint many interiors including those of the Ritz Hotel and Prideaux Place in Cornwall. Toby has been working at St Martin-in-the Fields since 2003 observing and recording the life of the Church and documenting its recent renewal project in a set of large drawings. Other residencies have been at the Athenaeum Club, The Mercers’ Company and The Society of Antiquaries of London. In 2004 Toby was commissioned to draw the Tour de France in Liege, this lead to a series of paintings inspired by the sport of cycling. Other sporting commissions include a residency at the 2011 Open Golf Championship. Toby has also illustrated two books describing the adventures of those who played the Great Game in central Asia in the 19th century and a book describing the life of the Island of Madeira. Toby shows his work with the Catto gallery and the New English Art Club to which he was elected in 2010.

Lucy Wilford

Lucy Wilford is a junior doctor in her second year of specialist psychiatry training. She is currently working at the Bethlem Royal Hospital, completing a six month post focused on psychotherapy at the Anxiety Disorders Residential Unit. She graduated from Southampton University in 2008, and worked in Winchester and Portsmouth before coming to London to complete a Master’s degree in Medical Humanities at King’s College London last year. Since returning to full time medicine, she has been involved in setting up a teaching scheme for medical students which uses visual art to explore the process of developing empathy and understanding in medical practice.

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Susie Christensen recently completed a PhD about modernist literature and neurology at King's College London.
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